Join Joanne for this brand new 30 minute workout using fabric activation bands to strengthen and tone.

Activation Band exercises are moves designed to get the big muscles of the body activated and working properly. Most people sit down for long periods and move around in ways that cause areas of the body to get tight. This tightness and the poor movement patterns and posture that we use throughout the day causes imbalances, weak and underactive big muscles and tight, overactive small muscles.

Because these small muscles become overactive and the big muscles become overactive, we tend to try to use these weak, small muscles to do work they aren’t really able to handle, which puts us at risk for injury.
Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness this class combines cardio, strength and resistance exercises for a full body workout.

This class is run as a 5 week course. Payment must be made in full at the time of booking to secure a place.

Next course: Wednesday 23rd October 2019. Book Here or contact Jo on 07814 306184